What is a Small Group?
A small group at Hikes Point is an intentional, face-to-face gathering of people in a similar stage of life that encompasses a common purpose of discovering and growing in a relationship with Jesus Christ. We believe that small groups are vital for a healthy church body to grow, both spiritually and numerically.
What is the Purpose of a Small Group?
To help connect people to the church community at Hikes Point and to help equip them to grow in the Lord. Through small groups, friendships are built, prayer circles are formed, and practical teachings are taught.
What happens at a Small Group?
    -Biblical Teaching
    -Fellowship with others of the same age
    -Eating together
    -Praying together
How do I get involved in a Small Group?
We are happy to  get you connected with a small group that is a perfect fit for you. If you are interested in a small group please contact Mark Hancher at the church office (502) 473-0403 or email him at mark@hikespointchristian.com.