About Us

Our History
Our History

Hikes Point Christian Church began in January 1999 with 40 people, and it has since grown to over 800 members. This growth has allowed us to expand our ministry in the community and Louisville area.

Our journey has included transitions and challenges, but we are guided by Christ alone. Our leaders diligently seek God’s direction, and Hikes Point’s story is continually shaped by the people we meet, including you.


Our desire is to become a biblically-functioning community of believers so that Christ’s redemptive work can be accomplished through the world.


Our mission at Hikes Point Christian Church is to lead people to Christ and help all become fully devoted to Him.


Evangelism – to communicate God’s Word
Discipleship – to educate God’s people
Worship – to celebrate God’s presence
Ministry – to demonstrate God’s love


Our policy of excellence calls for everyone to give the best they can give for the Lord.