My name is Hannah Bauman and I am a member of Hikes Point Christian Church. I’m excited to share a little about myself with you and just why I’m so passionate about being a marriage mentor here at the church.
I’ve been married to my husband Jason for almost 16 years. We have 3 adorable children who we adopted through the foster to adopt program here in Louisville. 
Long before the children came, the Lord laid a passion on my heart, to enjoy being married and help others do the same. Before we got married, Jason & I sought out couples who had been married for many years. We wanted their wisdom and lasting advice! That was the start of me realizing how important a great mentor can be in a person’s life. 
During the first several years of our marriage Jason & I were deeply involved in marriage small groups and Sunday school class. We loved doing marriage studies and being surrounded by the leaders who had much experience under their belt to share with us. 
About 10 years into our marriage the Lord started bringing women in my life who were in need of help getting their marriage back on track. They came seeking how to get peace and happiness back in their marriage. Thankfully I had remembered a lot from the years of marriage studies done through our church small groups and through personal experience of being married myself. The Lord has had me in a marriage mentor role for quite some time now. It has been an honor to help many through difficult seasons of marriage and to be in consistent prayer for each couple. Proverbs 27:17, As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another. 
Please feel free to call the church at 473-0403, as I would love to meet up with you.